Please note that this timeline is not complete. Additional events and points of historical interest will be added as they come to light and as time permits.

Camp Kinkora is acquired by the Federation

December 28, 1972

Camp Kinkora was transferred to the Federation of Catholic Community Services for the nominal price of $1. The camp was founded in 1926 by Monsignor…

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Camp Orelda-Marian is purchased

March 22, 1954

The Federation of Catholic Charities purchased Camps Orelda, Marian, and the Colony (a set of 10 family cabins) from the Diocesan Camp Corporation of Montreal…

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The Catholic Centre is purchased

October 30, 1947

The Federation of Catholic Charities purchased the ‘Johnston House’ from the Montreal Convalescent Hospital for the price of $38,000. One of the institutions under the…

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Federation of Catholic Charities is incorporated

May 23, 1932

Letters Patent were granted to the Federation, making it an incorporated legal entity on the 23rd of May, 1932. The newly incorporated Federation quickly became…

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First Annual General Meeting

April 19, 1932

An application for charter was made to the Quebec government, and the first Annual General Meeting of members was held on the 19th of April,…

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First Executive Director hired

April 1, 1931

The first Executive Director of the Federation of Catholic Charities – Kenneth E. Cook, from London, Ontario – is hired on April 1st, 1931 by…

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First campaign for funds

December 10, 1930

The Federation held the first annual campaign for funds from December 10th to 16th, 1930. A total of $104,335.65 was raised in cash and pledges…

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Whitton Report published

March 1, 1930

The Catholic Community Council commissioned a study, conducted by Charlotte Whitton. Her report, published in 1930 concluded that “the welfare of the English-speaking Catholics of…

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Catholic charities are reorganized

December 1, 1929

In the wake of the stock market crash of 1929, Catholic charities re-organized with the blessing of the Church. Prior to this point, social welfare…

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“The Great Crash”

October 29, 1929

On Thursday, October 24th, 1929 the market lost 11% of its value as soon as the New York Stock Exchange opened for the day’s trading….

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